TURN – Solo Prototype


TURN was a one-man project developed for the Abertay Game Development Society Spook Jam. I wanted to take the opportunity to learn the Godot Game Engine as well as mobile development.

Players traverse an endless series of rooms, each room providing a puzzle to get to the other side.


Some of my favourite mobile titles are the Alto games. They combine gorgeous aesthetic design along with simple one-button controls to make a polished infinite runner.

One button controls can be understood by anyone, it immediately gets the player thinking about how they can use it against the various challenges you throw at them. It also means development can focus on making that one action feel as good as possible.

I wanted the game to be fast paced, hard, but fair. Deaths are instantaneous, and restarting requires only two button presses.


All the art assets were created in Marmoset Hexels, a grid based art package. Its workflows and tools make it a good fit for pixel art and animations. I stuck to warm hues and tried to retain a clean style without restricting to a small palette of colours.

The game environment was made as a tileset. Within Godot, I was able to assign collision shapes to each sprite in the set, which meant collision was already taken care of when painting in the actual levels.

I added in the final touches using some light colour grading and bloom.


While I considered using C#, I opted for Godot’s proprietary GDScript for programming the game as I did not require to set up any dependencies and figured it would be the best documented among the community and its official documentation.

The syntax is comparable to Python, where variables do not need to be assigned specific types and indentation defines the scope of a function or condition.

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