Project Arcana – Lead Design, FX, Additional Programming


My first project as a design lead, Project Arcana is a fast-paced top down stealth action title with a focus on speed and finding the best route through the level.


Originally a stealthier take on modern XCOM titles, players would command a squad of magical druids as they infiltrate high-tech facilities to reclaim stolen artefacts. The gameplay focus would be on combining the abilities of each druid to encourage an experimental play-style.

When we reached second semester, the game was significantly behind where it needed to be. We decided to scrap features in all aspects of its design. Moving the game from its strategic roots to a real-time action title.

As the semester approached its final weeks I transitioned to a generalist programmer/tech-art role where I would handle the lighting setups, materials and adding juice into the game’s mechanics where I could.

What I Did

The Trailer – Direction, Editing, FX.

In the final weeks of development, I used Unreal’s sequencer to put together a cinematic trailer for the game. I would then add extra effects such as lens flares in Hitfilm:

The Teaser Trailer [STROBE WARNING]

Gameplay UI

Base UI – Layout and Art Iterations

Player Path – Programming

Main Menu

Level Design


Lighting and Post Processing

Once all the environment art assets were placed in-engine, I began tweaking the colour grading, fog, chromatic aberration, lens flares, ambient occlusion and other post processing. From there, I then added reflection probes around the environment for better ambient reflections and increased the skylight intensity.


Door Cables – Programming and Materials

Damage and Death Effects

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