Kinoko – UI, UX, FX, Additional Programming



Kinoko is an exploration-based adventure where the player performs various tasks to turn winter to spring.

When recruited in the project’s final months, I was tasked with bringing everything regarding UI to the game. As work progressed, I would start to enter a more generalist programming role, where I would find ways to add little flourishes to the game’s presentation through particles, animation manipulation, camera work and extra mechanics, along with directing and implementing the game’s cinematics.

What I Did

Menus – Programming, UI, Animations

Dialogues – Programming, UI, Illustrations

Dialogue for planting flowers.

Butterflies – Particles and Material



Basalt – Particles and UI

Tree – Particles and UI

Snow Pile – Material and UI



One problem that the character had was while the camera tracking it was smooth, the mesh would pop on the vertical axis as it traversed uneven terrain, compromising the feel of controlling an actual character.

To mitigate this, instead of the character mesh precisely matching the vertical transform of the capsule, it would interpolate to it instead. This is tightened when the capsule collider is airborne.

I wanted to get more play out of the animations as there wasn’t much weight felt whenever the player turned the character. I added leaning to the character mesh which would increase intensity depending on how fast the character was turning.

I also utilised a two-bone IK system to place the feet on the ground, targets were updated with animation notifies while weights were updated with animation curves.

Cave Lighting

Skylight intensity and post processing are adjusted to create high contrast lighting in the cave.

Map – Programming, UI

Provides an birds-eye view of the surrounding area, created to aid players in clearing an area.

Map Dialogue – Programming, UI, Particles

Spawns when players are struggling to complete an area and have yet to open the map, informs the player of the map button.
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