Making it Fun – The Camera

As I move beyond basic implementation, I am now trying to tweak the game to actually make it fun to play. The first of these changes will come from the camera.

What it Does

Currently, the camera interpolates to an offset player position while rotating to look at the player’s target.

From a functionality standpoint, it does the job. But the overall package, while smooth, currently feels a little flat. The camera doesn’t get involved in the action in any way. However, I don’t want to hamper the player’s visibility of the action, I want to improve it, to emphasise the player’s attacks and movements beyond a simple camera shake.

My Proposal

We add a secondary camera target weight, this secondary target being the sword the player is holding. This would mean that the camera will be slightly affected by the player’s sword as it moves in the game world, adding extra perceived force to the player’s attacks.

Taking it further, we could control the tracking weight between the enemy and the sword depending on the sword’s velocity, so fast attacks/movements (where the action gets more intense) will result in more intense camera movements.

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