Killing Time


Almost a Game

With the limb colliders fully applied to the character’s skeleton, it took little scripting to get a basic health system established. (Hence the disappearing second player.)

In regards to building the base game. All we are really missing is some kind of round system to record player victories (or simply a system to reload the level a few seconds after a player dies.) In addition to this, implementing split-screen so both players can get a good view of the action.

Going Forward

Now that the basic foundations of the game are mostly implemented, I can now use the remaining weeks to focus on making the game actually fun to play. As of right now, combat is very sterile: the swords have no “oomph” to their impacts, they’re a bit unwieldy to wield and there’s no collision between swords.

In future posts, I will outline a few ways I plan to add a bit more excitement to the fights.

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