Limbs, Grip Modifiers & Visual Update


Limb Colliders

The game now includes a basic implementation of the LimbColliders, which can be tagged whether they are critical or not and will only respond to sword collisions.

At this time, the response is limited to triggering a basic blood particle system, and there is so far no detection of just how fast the blade hits the collider. But these will be added at a later date.

Grip Modifiers


The player controller now supports grip modifiers (activated with left and right trigger pulls). This is achieved by rotating the Target Parent on the Z-axis.


While the player’s range of attack is still fairly limited, the player now has more options when attacking/defending.

Sword Mesh

The player now has a sword to wield in combat.


The sword mesh was modelled in blender, with two shading groups: one for the hilt, the other for the blade. The aim was to have a nice, simple and clean mesh without wasting time on texturing.


The sword’s box collider is only present on the blade of the sword, and the mesh is a child of the right hand bone of the player model, which lead to very painless implementation. The results are good enough to continue working on other things.

What’s Next?

Applying limb colliders to all of the limbs of the player model. And figure out a way to get the colliders to “talk” to the player controller. Or maybe make a separate player manager script to handle collision responses. Along with this, maybe start looking at player health.

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