Mechanic Visualisation – Sword Handling

Right-Stick Swinging

To better illustrate the how the player would utilise the right stick to move their sword around, I went into Blender and prepared some example stances, along with the corresponding input.

Grip Modifiers

While preparing these examples, I discovered that the player would be stuck swinging the sword while holding it vertically. Limiting the player’s reach and making horizontal attacks look bizarre. With this in mind, I have decided to make the fighting system slightly more complicated with the addition of Grip Modifiers. Activated by trigger pulls, these will tilt the sword to either side, allowing for horizontal slashes and effective horizontal blocking.

Using the analogue aspect of the triggers, this will also allow the player to execute diagonal slashes, adding to their repertoire of attacks.

Modifier Example
Pulling the right trigger leans the sword to the right.

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