Learning the Ropes


Being mainly an Unreal Engine user for my side projects, my Unity experience is somewhat limited; I’ve run through a few tutorials in the past but that was a good year or so ago, so I forgot a good deal of things in that time.

Luckily, amongst Unity’s official tutorials, there’s one called Tanks! Which is, funnily enough, a series where you make a local multiplayer tank combat game. Granted, the completed game plays very differently to what I have in mind for Turbo Tanks. I’ve made it about halfway so far and am slowly getting reacquainted with how Unity works and how to do things properly.

As I work my way through the tutorial, I can see how I might approach the implementation of certain features in Turbo Tanks such as:

  • Spawning players with a global controller.
  • Camera interpolation.
  • Lightmap/GI baking.
  • Collision detection.
  • Vehicle handling (at a basic level with moving rigidbodies anyway.)
  • Engine sounds.
  • …and many more!

Once I’ve finished with this tutorial, I will probably begin dividing up that tank mesh I made into individual objects so I can rotate the top independently of the bottom in-engine, or maybe do more tutorials, or maybe make some environment assets.

So much to do…

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