Day One

With the module’s content announced work begins on deciding what to do for the submission.

Idea – Turbo Tanks

Out of all the ideas considered up to this point this is the most likely candidate as it features a core game system that is relatively simple but leaves plenty of room for expansion/fine-tuning if time permits.

In essence, Turbo Tanks is arcade tank combat in the vein of Rocket League. 

The focus will be providing a fun competitve couch multiplayer game that is easy to pick up but provides enough depth to keep players engaged.

Players will battle against each other in colourful environments with a variety of weapons/powerups. Some too powerful for their own good.

Gameplay will be divided into rounds where players (if killed) will stay dead until the round is over.

The game will make extensive use of the engine’s physics to provide dynamic and potentially unpredictable gameplay:


  • Moving the tank
  • Moving fired shells
  • Recoil
  • Explosions
  • Jump/boost pads

Expanded Scope

    • Destructible environment
    • Suspension

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