About Me

What can I do?

I can comfortably work with:

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Blender
  • G.I.M.P
  • Unity
  • Hitfilm

I have some experience with:

  • Substance Painter 2
  • Unreal Engine 3
  • Maya
  • Inkscape
  • Vegas Pro
  • FL Studio

What is my dramatic backstory?

Currently based in Dundee, Scotland. I’ve been messing around with game development tools since 2008 following the first Dare to be Digital. Since that day I have tailored my entire academic career to make it into the industry.

Most of my early days were spent with thegamecreators’ Fps Creator and it’s ill-fated X10 counterpart. While neither of these packages really taught me programming, I learned about lighting setups, basic level design principles, what shaders were, the textures to feed into them and many more tidbits of game development.

But this knowledge still wasn’t enough to actually make something. I tried learning Unity 3/4 and Blender in my own time during the latter years in highschool but I could not crack either of them. I would leave High School at the end of my 5th year to head to Fife College, where I got my first real taste of game development.

During that time, I spent some time in XNA (C#), Greenfoot (Java), 3DS MAX, Blender and Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 3. While I had now formed a somewhat firm grasp on basic 3D modelling and object-oriented programming, I still needed more. It was my first year at university that I properly got into an engine. Unreal Engine 4, with its Blueprint scripting system I was able to transfer my existing skillset seamlessly into a completely new environment, one that just so happens to be really good at making things shiny.

I also doubled down on Blender and G.I.M.P to improve my asset creation pipelines along with the quality of the assets themselves. Along with a couple of evenings in Substance Painter to see the general workflow and be astounded by just how powerful and flexible it is.

While I’ve never released full titles. As part of Abertay’s Game Development Society I have made several titles (which will get their own pages on this site in due time). Each with their own style. I also participated in the 2018 Global Game Jam.

As I largely develop games on my own, with as little third party content as possible, I’ve learnt a little bit of everything over the years. And for the things I can’t do, I at the very least understand some of the terminology and workflows behind them.

And if I don’t understand, I would love to learn all about it.

Beyond games

If games are my bread, then music is my butter.

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